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Wolf Mail at the Wabe Auditorium - Berlin, GE 

Mail & Band onstage at the Wabe Auditorium, Berlin, GE - April 18, 2010

Wolf's recent European tour was marked by a few good surprises and some. The band's performance at the Wabe Auditorium in Berlin, Germany was filmed and recorded and should soon be available for viewing. Thanks to German TV show 60 minuten and executive producer Viktor Buttner for organizing the event.

Wolf was also featured on the Bluesmoose show, Netherlands top Blues rock Radio/Internet station. Wolf and his band played a short concert and did a feature interview which were both recorded and filmed. Thanks to our host and party man Rob Van Elst for such a  warm welcome and a great time.
(Click here to view interview).

Wolf Mail at the Blues Moose Show - Groesbeek, NL

Wolf & Rob (Big Moose) Van Elst , Groesbeek, NL - April 07, 2010

Wolf Mail at the BB King Club - Moscow , Russia 

Our visit to Moscow would not be complete without jamming with legendary harmonicist, Mike Petrovich, and that's exactly what Wolf did during his performance at the club last March. A lot of guests were in attendance, including band members from Russian Blues kings, Crossroadz.

Wolf  & Mike Petrovich -  BB King Club, Moscow, Russia - March, 28 2010                         Wolf &  BB King Club Boss

After the show Wolf met up with Russian promoter Volodya, who recorded an exclusive interview for Russian station "School of Rock". Volodya also gave Wolf a very special present. An anonymous Russian scientist working for the defense department, somewhere in Siberia and who is apparently a big guitar aficionado , gathered all the best overdrive effect pedals he could find, took them apart and built his own "Super overdrive". That pedal is now used by Wolf on his world tour and his part of his trademark sound. Many thanks to Dima Resser too, our good friend and translator. (Click here to view interview)

Dima Resser - Wolf Mail - Voldoya

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See you next week in Tokyo, Japan!