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Wolf Mail returns from successful Japan Tour

July 15, 2010

Tower records show TOKYO

Thanks to all the fans who showed up at the Tower records stage one concert in Tokyo. With its 5,000 m² and 9 floors of CDs, DVDs and games it is considered to be one of the largest record store in the world, long live!
        Signing session after the show - Tower records, Tokyo

Electric Love Soul Featured CD

As we arrived in the parking lot we were guided to a side gate. To our surprise, we were directed to drive our tour bus inside this giant elevator who took us all the way to the 8th floor, right next to the stage...only in Japan.
     "Electric Love Soul" featured album and current Top 10 CD sale - June 2010

Samick Guitars

Next on the schedule was a meeting with Mr. Sung from Samick Japan at our hotel downtown Tokyo. Mr. Sung brought in several guitars for Wolf to use on the tour. A big thank you for his support and generosity.
        Wolf with the Samick "Formula II and "Blackbird" guitars
Red Rooster

We were able to catch up with Tokyo King of the night time world, Mr Tomo, also editor and writer for Japan's #1 Guitar magazine "Player". As our entourage grew, we made it to the venue, Tokyo's own "Red Rooster" for our second show, which thanks to our hard working promoter  had been sold out since last month.
      Wolf with Miss Yoko San
Toga Toga / Mount Fuji

  We then drove from Tokyo to our next gig in Kyoto and got to see the astonishing beauty of Mount Fuji along the way to the charm of the Geishas in old town Kyoto.
As we arrived at the Junis club in Osaka, we were greeted by Mr Sam from the legendary Sam's record shop. A very special guest appearance by guitar great Bluestone company guitarist, Toshihiro Sumitomo, made it a complete and  satisfying evening.

      Temple in Kyoto
Royal Host

Kobe was next, we had a royal treat when band and crew were offered an all you can eat spree at a fancy Japanese dinner in exchange for a plug  in on our evening radio show where Wolf and the band hosted a 2h live gig with interviews & acoustic performances.

      Wolf with Japanese fans
Club Jungle

One of the highly was our performance at the Club Jungle in Osaka with our dear friends GoGo San and Misuki San, it was a fantastic and memorable night and tour. We miss you all already! See you next time around in 2011.
   Visiting the  Osaka Temple