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Wolf Mail fans behold! As some of you may know, in 2013 in Norway Wolf played on the bill with Texas blues guitar legend and hero Johnny Winter. Now for the first time, we get to share Wolf's performance with those of you who couldn't make it. In a world first premiere, here is a sample of 'Wolf Mail at “Oseana Auditorium” .The full DVD and CD will be out soon The Oseana auditorium is one of Scandinavia most unique cultural center, the main component of the bulding is clad in Platinum Black slate imported from the Indian side of the Himalayas.

Preview DVD trailer here

Oseana Auditorium


Wolf will tour Europe including France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany in October and Russia in November. On the last tour of Russia, Wolf brought the blues to Siberia and this time the tour will take on another new territory - Poland. Once confirmed, dates and times will be available here.

ON AIR! MONDAY JULY 07th at 8PM - Sydney, Australia TIME

Wolf has been invited on as guest presenter on Sydney's Get Shot radio . Wolf was previously featured on the show along with Jeff Beck, Peter Green and Beth Hart. On 7th July Wolf will reverse roles and take on position of radio presenter. Get Shot Radio broadcasts live – streaming across the world. Just visit http://www.triplehfm.com.au/hhh/ and go to the very top left hand corner “Listen Online”. We will also send a link if you miss the show or want to hear them again. As part of Wolf Mail ON AIR we are inviting fans to submit any questions for Wolf. If you have ever wanted to know about Wolf's playing, touring, songwriting or any other questions you have a burning desire to ask, now is your chance! Just email your request to info@wolf-mail.com before 2 PM (AEST Time) Monday July 07.

Wolf has been playing Mark Gilbert Guitars since 2010. During this time the two worked together to develop the 'Wolf Mail Signature' guitar,  a truly unique instrument, built to accommodate Wolf’s playing style and sound. Stay tuned for more news on the latest installment to come out of the factory...